What are Blue and Red Events?

Perfect Game Midwest offers events that fall into two categories: GREEN and RED. Events that fall under these categories are clearly identified both on the schedule and in the event descriptions. 


Perfect Game Midwest Events that fall under the GREEN category are our standard events. These events always promise the following:

  • Crystal Clear Communication. We make sure you have all the information you need to enjoy your experience before, during, and after our events.
  • Dedicated Customer Care. We have a full-time team that is dedicated to one thing – helping you in any and every way we can. Through email, chat, and phone, we are standing by to answer your questions and come alongside you in every way to ensure that your event experience is positive in every way. 
  • Quick and Efficient Weather Procedures. Anytime weather rolls in and alters the event, we know that you need updates as quickly as possible. Thanks for over 20 years experience in the industry, we make the best decision possible in the shortest possible time. Then, we communicate updates with you efficiently. There are always several variables in play when it comes to dealing with weather, but the minute we know something you know it, too. 
  • Awesome Awards Packages. All of our events feature top quality awards packages. From rings to trophies to championship belts to gear to cash and sponsor packages, our awards add even more to the memories that come with placing in a tournament. 
  • Competitive Integrity. No matter what division your team is registered for, we know the level of your competition matters as much as anything else. Every event is designed to keep competitive integrity at every division, and if we do look at combining divisions, we communicate that to you in advance so you can play accordingly. 
  • PG Standard Umpires. We know how important umpires are to your experience in an event. We believe in this so strongly that we have a dedicated staff that focuses on one thing – training and equipping umpires to be both caring and excellent at their craft. We don’t promise perfection. We do promise a commitment to provide you with umpires that live up to the Perfect Game Standard, and we provide you with feedback forms to make sure we hear from you and your experience matches the standard you deserve. 


Perfect Game Midwest Events that fall under the RED category are our specialty events. These events always promise the following:

  • PG Experience Core Commitments. All red events feature the same core commitments found with GREEN events.
  • DiamondKast. We provide PG Midwest staff at every field to score games using DiamondKast. DiamondKast games feature live-scoring so anyone can follow the game using any device. DiamondKast games also keep stats for every player and every team, and those stats provide leaderboards that celebrate both teams and players’ accomplishments throughout the event. 
  • Tournament Awards. Using the DiamondKast stats, PG Midwest announces player awards like All-Tournament Teams, Most Outstanding Pitcher, and Most Outstanding Hitter. These awards are published and promoted through our website and social media channels to celebrate player performances. 
  • Full Social Media Coverage. The PG Midwest Social Media team covers RED events throughout the weekend by sharing video, pictures, highlights, inspiring stories, team standings/results, and top player performances. 
  • *PG Scouting Reports. PG Midwest’s professionally trained scouts cover RED events to promote and celebrate players. PG Scouting includes both team reports and individual player scouting reports that are designed to highlight the top performers from the weekend. 
  • *Radar Guns. Along with DiamondKast, PG Midwest RED Events feature radar guns at every field to record velocities for every pitch. These velocities are used as part of the stats from the weekend, leaderboards for the weekend, and player scouting reports. 

* These apply to 13-14U age divisions only.