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The Not-So-Fine Print

  • You must have the physical Fan Club card with you at the park to qualify for the discounted gate prices and any other discounts at the park (concessions, merchandise, etc.). Screenshots, emails, etc. will not be valid.
  • New members can fill out the opt-in form at anytime, however a filled out form does not qualify for the discounts. Only the physical card qualifies for discounts.
  • New Member Cards are mailed out on Mondays following events.
    • Example: If you submit your Fan Club application by the Sunday before your event by 11:59pm, it will be mailed out that following Monday in order to get it to you before the weekend.
  • Gate discounts are valid (with the physical card) at all locations.
  • Concessions, Merchandise, and other discounts are subject to restrictions & exclusions on a park by park basis. Fan Club Members will be notified of deals & promotions at specific parks throughout the season.