What is so different about “PG Midwest Love” Medals?

The Perfect Game (PG) Midwest World Series is the signature event that happens at the end of the season every year. Featuring top-notch competition throughout our 14 state region and beyond, the PG Midwest World Series is more than an event… it’s an experience. 

In 2012, PG Midwest lost a vibrant part of our family with the passing of Josh Williams. Josh, the one who phrased “PG Midwest LOVE,” made it his mission to build relationships with everyone he met, while reminding us ​of the importance of living life to the fullest each and every day. Today, PG Midwest has one huge family that includes (but is not limited to) our staff, umpires, coaches, parents & players. As a family, we have committed ourselves to continuing Josh’s mission to teach and lead others in demonstrating that same “PG Midwest LOVE” he so effortlessly displayed every day.

In youth sports we spend so much time chasing the performance based accomplishments, often missing the impact youth sports can have on character. That’s why our goal is ​to not award the best athlete or best player on the team, but to award a player who demonstrates a Championship attitude in other areas of life that we feel are more important. This is what makes this award different from a game MVP award!

Attributes to look for when handing out this medal:

  • Displays outstanding character on the field
  • Example of respect
  • Extraordinary example of sportsmanship
  • Example of hustle

At the conclusion of each pool game, you will award a player from the opposing team with a “PG Midwest LOVE” medal, and the opposing team will do the same for you.