Congratulations to the players selected to represent Team Midwest in the 2021 National All-State Select Championships at the Top Chops East Cobb Complex in Marietta, Georgia November 20-22!

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  • Baseball pants, socks, belt. You can wear anything you’d like. The hats and shirts will be distributed when the players arrive and your team name is the color of your jersey. 
  • Turfs/Molded Cleats. There are no metal spikes allowed at the complex because all of the infields are turf. This rule is strictly enforced. Please honor this facility rule. Any player wearing metal spikes will be asked to take them off, and if they don’t have turfs/molded cleats, then they cannot play. 
  • All equipment for your positions. Playing time in the games is scripted out based on primary position first. Secondary positions are filled in as availability allows. If catcher is your secondary position, please bring your catchers gear in case you have innings behind the plate. 
  • This is a metal bat event, and all players can swing the bat that they used this past summer. 
  • Water! It’s going to be very hot. The concession stand will be open, but players are encouraged to bring plenty of water. You are allowed to bring coolers to this event. 
  • Food/Snacks. We will have breaks during the Saturday workout for players to eat so please bring whatever your player needs to stay fueled and energized in the heat on Saturday. The concession stand will be open, but the lines could get long if everyone is trying to buy food at the same time during breaks. I highly recommend having something like sandwiches, bars, fruit, or anything else that is portable and good fuel for the body so you aren’t stuck in line at the concession stand. 
  • Chair. There are bleachers, but not enough for everyone. Spectators are highly encouraged to bring a chair. The players will be moving around to different fields during the combine/camp so please be prepared to move and follow your player on Saturday. 
  • Players will wear their same shirt for both days, so please be prepared for any laundry needs Saturday night if you want to wash your players shirt. 
  • Sunscreen is a good idea. We will be on the field for a long stretch on Saturday, and we don’t want any players to get sunburned and be miserably uncomfortable Sunday. 
  • There will be no gate fees this weekend. 
  • Seeds and gum are strictly prohibited on the turf. 
  • There will be a Perfect Game Merchandise tent onsite if you’d like to buy any PG gear. I’m biased, of course, but it’s sweet gear! They take cash/card at the merch tent, so if you want to pick up some PG gear while you’re at the event please plan accordingly.