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Name Title Email
Austin Mezzacasa Softball Regional Director/Softball Umpire Director Mail to:
Barry Johnson Director of Softball Mail to:
Chelsie Helton Staffing Coordinator Mail to:
Chris Browne Midwest Regional Director Mail to:
Dale Ormsbee DiamondKast/Networking Specialist Mail to:
Dan Jones Director of Logistics, Procurement & Retail Operations Mail to:
Garrett Allen Event Logistics Team Member Mail to:
Gary Marx Event Logistics Team Member Mail to:
Hayden House Regional Baseball Tournament Director Mail to:
Janae Melvin Ballpark Experiences Team Lead/Account Manager Mail to:
Jeff Babcock Regional Tournament Director/Communications & Lodging Specialist Mail to:
Jeff Wallace Director of Business Development Mail to:
Jeremy McDowell Vice-President of Midwest Region Mail to:
Maddie Winger Perfect Game Merchandise Mail to:
Rick Peppers Warehouse Coordinator Mail to:
Tim Cordill Baseball Regional Director/Baseball Umpire Director Mail to:
Tyler Gude Awards/IT Coordinator Mail to: