What is PG Midwest Fan Club?

Perfect Game Midwest is a worldwide leader in creating fun, family experiences. We believe that families and athletes that join us every weekend want and deserve more than just a tournament. This is why we started the Perfect Game Midwest Fan Club, to create a memorable positive experience for families at the ballparks.

Our program has many benefits like gate discounts, concessions bonuses, giveaways and other bonuses like Food Finder Guide and partner promotions.


Who can join? 

Anyone who goes to the ballpark and enjoys saving money. Whether you are a parent, sibling, grandparent, uncle, you are eligible to join the PG Midwest Fan Club.


How can I join? 

There is no cost to join the PG Midwest Fan Club; complete the opt-in form below and download your free resources. These bonuses are designed to make your event experience easier. Also, enjoy exclusive deals from our partners that you can’t get anywhere else.


Why should I join? 

We know the stress that comes with being a baseball/softball parent, and we want to make your experience at the ballpark as positive and relaxing as possible. You don’t need to experience unnecessary overwhelming stress or frustration. Your event experience should be positive and memorable. If you miss out on the PG Midwest Fan Club, you miss out on saving money and a better experience at the ballpark.

Youth sports should bring people together through positive and memorable experiences. It should not be stressful, overwhelming and frustrating to watch your kid play youth sports. Enjoy the relief from knowing that your event experience doesn’t have to be unnecessarily challenging. You can get to the park in a positive state of mind and truly appreciate watching your child play baseball/softball while spending time with your ballpark community.


$2 discount on gate prices

14 & Under free for Club members

50% Off Guest weekend opportunities


Exclusive offers from facility concessions


Fit Food Finder Guide

Facilities Maps

Partner Promotions

PG Branded Merchandise & Giveaways