What is the Perfect Game Midwest Youth World Series? 

The Perfect Game (PG) Midwest World Series is the signature event that happens at the end of the season every year. Featuring top-notch competition throughout our 14 state region and beyond, the PG Midwest World Series is more than an event… it’s an experience. 

Not Just an Event… An EXPERIENCE

All roads lead home. Are you ready to see how your team measures up? The PG Midwest World Series boasts incredible competition and on-field action for teams throughout our 14 state region and beyond. We know how important the on-field competition is to you, so buckle up and bring your A game because the action on the field will be intense… just the way you like it. 

That’s not all, though. The PG Midwest World Series is more than an event… it’s an EXPERIENCE that you won’t forget. 

  • World Series Party. Awesome venue. Great music. Fantastic food deals. In other words, an awesome family experience that is exclusive to PG Midwest World Series teams (coaches, players, and families!). All teams are invited to the Opening Ceremonies where teams and their families will share a meal, pick up their player/coaches gifts, and listen to a presentation by a motivational keynote speaker that promises to make an impact both on and off the field.
  • Coaches Check-In. This is not just one more place a coach has to be during their already busy schedule. Coaches will be provided with a meal, get any/all answers to their questions about rules, confirm their rosters, and listen to an exclusive presentation from an industry leader.
  • Coaches & Player Gifts. Every player and coach will receive gifts that you can’t get at any other event. You’ve put in the work. You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned this opportunity. The least we can do is throw some legit gear and swag your way! 
  • Action-Packed Competition. The PG Midwest World Series brings together top competition from throughout the region and provides an action packed 4-5 day schedule of games. 
  • Rankings Based Seeding. Teams are seeded in their pools based on their PG Midwest Regional Ranking. Every PG Midwest event contributes to a team’s ranking, so the more you play the better your chances of getting a higher seed. Pools are seeded based on rankings because we want to acknowledge the hard work every team has put in all year, but no matter your seed, every team has an equal opportunity to advance throughout the World Series based on your performance on the field! 
  • VIP Experience. The VIP Experience is reserved for teams that have won a PG Midwest Tour event during the 2021 Spring/Summer season. VIP teams still get everything listed above, but they will receive special bonuses that will blow your socks off. More details to come, but in the meantime, make sure you’re putting in those reps to help you win one of the PG Midwest Tour tournaments and earn this exclusive VIP Experience at the 2021 PG Midwest World Series.

Ready to Register?

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