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Who is Perfect Game Midwest?

Who We Have Been

Perfect Game (PG) started 25 years ago with one goal – grow the game of baseball by creating opportunities for student-athletes in the Midwest. Over the years, Perfect Game has grown into the premier platform for amateur baseball players that want to play collegiate and professional baseball all across the nation. Through over 5,000 tournaments, showcases and events each year across the country, Perfect Game events have helped over 250,000+ college baseball commitments, 1,500+ Major League Baseball players, 85% of MLB draft picks, and 41 2019 MLB All-Stars. Building on its world-leading platform for baseball players, Perfect Game has expanded their focus to provide high-quality opportunities for fastpitch athletes.

In November 2020, Perfect Game announced their merger with Midwest Sports Productions. Midwest Sports Productions (MSP) the world’s largest youth fastpitch and baseball event company, welcomes 1.4 million people through its gates each year with 150+ events in 10 states that feature 9,000 teams, 100,000 athletes, and 30,000 coaches competing on fields throughout the Midwest. MSP also features the world’s largest baseball tournament that includes nearly 800 teams competing over the course of one weekend. Not only is MSP the largest event promoter in the world for youth baseball and fastpitch, but MSP is also a world leader in creating fun, family experiences. For the last 14 years MSP has  operated on the belief that families and athletes play events because they want and deserve so much more than just a baseball or fastpitch tournament. MSP has been driven to bring people together, setting the stage for memories made on and off the field, ones that will impact student-athletes and their communities for a lifetime.

Why We Are Coming Together

GROW THE GAME. These three simple yet profound words are why Perfect Game and MSP are uniting as partners to lead the baseball community into a new and exciting chapter. By combining our collective expertise, resources, and relationships that have been cultivated through a combined 50+ years in the fastpitch and baseball industries, we have the opportunity to impact our student-athletes, families, coaches, umpires, and game day teams in ways that are bigger and better than ever before. We love the game, its athletes, and their dreams. Together, we are committed to providing an expanded schedule of quality events that provides an unparalleled platform for our student-athletes and impacts everyone that comes through our gates. And stopping there? Not an option. Through our impact, we will build a community that is centered on the student-athlete, gives back generously to local communities, and stays laser focused on growing the game we love.


More Than a Game Guarantee

What are you looking for when you register for a fastpitch tournament? If you’re simply looking for your standard pool play games followed by a bracket, then let’s be honest – there are tons of options out there for you.

If you’re looking for more than just your standard tournament, PG Midwest is the home for you.. The on-the-field experience is simply a given in the amateur fastpitch industry. Quality competition and facilities are the standard.. We know that without a quality on-field experience nothing else really matters. Together, PG and MSP have been providing quality events in the diamond sports industry for almost 50 years…  And we’re still working tirelessly to get better every day. 

At PG Midwest, we are also IMPACT and COMMUNITY driven. Impact and community are the true purpose of youth sports. The game is a platform to impact the lives of future generations. It’s a platform that allows our entire PG Community – staff, athletes, coaches, families, directors, umpires, partners, and beyond – to use the game to bring people together to impact student-athletes and our communities. When you join the PG community, you are joining something that is much bigger than just a  4 game guarantee.

Female Leadership

Let’s get straight to the point: while softball and baseball are ball and bat sports that have a lot in common, they are two different sports. Female athletes deserve female leadership that has been in their shoes. Our PG Midwest Softball team features strong female leadership that have played softball at the highest levels of the game and know exactly what it means to be a female student-athlete.PG Midwest Softball exists to GROW THE GAME of softball by providing the best possible experience on the field, while also empowering the next generation of female leaders. Empowered female athletes empower female athletes.


DiamondKast is featured at various PG Midwest softball events on the 2021 Schedule . With DiamondKast, you can follow the game action live on any device and much more!

Here is what you can expect:

PG Tech

Perfect Game and K-Motion, the industry leader in wireless, human motion learning for the sports and fitness industry, have joined forces to create PG TECH, a new data-driven technology company poised to become the amateur player-development, assessment and scouting platform of the future.

Utilizing leading-edge technologies along with new emerging technologies, PG TECH will provide amateur athletes with access to the digital technology, data and analytics that will help them improve and continue to play the sports they love longer and smarter.

Customer Care

At PG Midwest, we are driven by the fundamental belief that amateur baseball exists for one reason – YOU. Everything we do is designed to create the best possible experience and opportunities for coaches, players, and their families. 

This core belief is why we have our Customer Feedback process. We ask for customer feedback after every single event, and we hold ourselves accountable to ensuring that your experience is what you are looking for. And here’s the key – we don’t just gather feedback. We actually listen and work every day to make your experience the best in the industry.



Spectator & Coaches Rewards

Amatuer softball is a family experience. While the primary focus tends to be on the coaches and players on the field, we are constantly thinking about the experience for the whole family at the ballpark. We couldn’t be more excited to roll out our Spectator Rewards Program for the 2021 season. Stay tuned for more information – you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this new and exciting program!

We also offer a Diamond Rewards program for coaches. What does that mean? We offer cash back rebates to teams/clubs for every event they participate in. CLICK HERE to learn more about Diamond Rewards and get signed up!

Umpire Office + Feedback

Our sport doesn’t exist without the umpire community. Too often umpires are considered “outsiders.” At PG Midwest, we treat our umpires like family. Our full-time Umpire Leadership team is dedicated to  recruiting, inspiring, and equipping our umpires to be leaders on the field, excel at their craft and help us GROW THE GAME. 

Your feedback matters to us. Coaches have the opportunity send us immediate feedback on their umpires at every single event, following every single game. We then use that feedback to make sure that our entire umpiring community is meeting the PG standard that every coach, athlete, and family deserves.